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Joy. Truth. Beauty. Love. That’s what goes into making our gorgeous artisanal gelato!

A lot of people throw around the word ‘artisanal’ these days, but for gelato it has a very specific meaning. Artisanal gelato or ‘gelato artigianale’ is made completely from scratch, with no powders or premade bases. In our case, we go a step further and use fresh milk from a local, family-owned dairy, organic cream, and cane sugar.

Our Italian-trained gelato chef then creates each flavor using gorgeous ingredients and a lunatic amount of handiwork. Think juicy farmers market peaches. Locally sourced wildflower honey. Pistachio paste from the town of Bronte in Sicily (where the pistachios are only harvested every two years). Hand-torched marshmallows. Ghirardelli dark chocolate. Fresh lime zest. You can taste the amount of craft and care that goes into each cup!

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Catering and Events

Whether you’d like to hire one of our gelato carts, hold a party in our Auguri celebration room, or book our custom Airstream gelato trailer, Gelato Gilberto is here to help with the festivities!

Choose from the over 200 flavors we have created or work with our experienced gelato chef to create some of your very own! The flavors you choose will be expertly crafted just for your event with local milk, fresh fruits, and premium Italian ingredients.

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Who is Gelato Gilberto?

We are Justin and Kristin Gilbert and we really wish we were Italian. So much so that we both studied in Italy in college before we even met. In fact one of our first conversations was about living in Florence. We even served Italian cream cake at our wedding!

While watching a carnevale parade in Viareggio in 1995 we had a vision of opening our own authentic gelateria in Louisville. Ten years later we made our dream a reality–we packed up and moved to Tuscany for three years with our daughters Rose and Lily in order to study the art of making gelato at Carpigiani’s Gelato University, visit gelaterie in over thirty cities, become fluent in Italian, and attend multiple international gelato trade shows. We opened Gelato Gilberto in 2006.

We go back to Italy regularly to hone our skills, learn about the latest gelato recipes, catch up with dear, dear friends and ensure that we are creating beautifully authentic gelato for our community. Check us out on social media to see our latest gelato adventures!

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Reopening March 1!

We are temporarily closed for our annual Winter Hiatus so we can travel to Italy in search of new and wonderful flavors.  We will reopen on March 1, 2023, with a fabulous Carnevale party and two locations ready to serve you, each featuring 22 deliciously authentic, handcrafted flavors to choose from!  You can follow our hiatus adventures on social media  A presto!